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Catherine C.

We love this syrup! At first it is a little bit tricky to wrap your mind  around a clear syrup, but it is delicious and we use it on all of our breakfast foods! We actually love that it is clear and has no preservatives or additives! So good!


I used the cinnamon syrup in my apple pie. I drizzled the cinnamon syrup liberally over the apples & spices and let them marinate for a 1/2 hour in the fridge before cooking the pie. Everyone agreed that it was the best pie that I’ve ever made.

Oma & Popies

As a small business owner in specialty food we love to try other products in the marketplace. Popie loves Maple syrup and when he saw that he could get a sample pack it was a no brainer for him. So far we have used the Maple Bourbon in our coffee and the other night Oma prepared a Cajun Dark Maple glaze for white fish and the flavor was outstanding! We like that this is all-natural clean ingredients and of course a family run business. If we could give them 10 stars we would. Can't wait to try the others

Rachel B.

Daddys Homemade syrup is AMAZING! I have tried every  syrup the store has to offer and this product is by far the best.

Affordable,  delicious, local and it even comes in a glass jar to cut down on plastic in your home.

Jamie W.

I love using daddy’s homemade syrups in my gives it the sweetness it needs with just a small amount. The lightness of it on pancakes is also a great benefit.