More Than Syrup...An Experience

 As a mother of three young kids and a proud small business owner, I never could have imagined that creating some homemade syrup for our breakfast foods for our family would lead to the creation of Daddy’s Homemade All-Natural Syrup. What began as a simple experiment in our kitchen has blossomed into a heartfelt mission that resonates with families far and wide.

Our journey started when my husband developed health issues causing us to take a closer look at ingredients we were consuming. Little did we know that this was only the beginning of a spark of creativity and a passion for sharing moments of joy through food.

Our all-natural syrups are more than just delicious toppings for breakfast foods; they symbolize the love and togetherness that comes from spending time with family, friends and community. We believe that cooking and enjoying food together fosters a sense of unity and belonging that’s truly priceless. As parents, we understand the importance of building lasting memories with our children, and our syrups have become a catalyst for cherished moments that will be remembered for a lifetime and generations to come.

But Daddy’s Homemade is not just about our products; it’s about the experience. We’re passionate about inspiring creativity in the kitchen, encouraging our customers to explore new ways of using our syrups and sharing their innovative recipes with us. It’s heartwarming to hear stories of families, friends, and communities coming together, trying new recipes and bonding over the joy of cooking and sharing a meal. I am so excited for this journey this business has led me to and so grateful to see the sense of togetherness our products bring plus be able to inspire others along the way. It's a feeling like no other.

Meet Dannie, better known as Daddy

Our Mission

Our family business inspires fun food memories with our unique all natural flavored syrups and supporting future generations

We value

  • Family- Engage our three generations to develop and deliver high-quality products.
  • Environment- Lower our carbon footprint by committing to sustainable packaging.
  • Work Ethic – Utilize our multi-step process of creating then packaging our products meticulously by hand to ensure every batch is of the highest quality.

Local community

At Daddy’s Homemade, we’re third generation Coloradans and second generation to Evergreen, a place we are proud to call home. And with beautiful Evergreen Lake as the anchor to our tight knit community, we believe in supporting our local nonprofits, schools, and businesses. By helping one another succeed, we will ensure Evergreen can grow and thrive for our children’s future and beyond.

The Beginning of Daddy's Homemade

Daddy's Homemade Story

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Meet Daddy's family

Daddy's wife, Amber

Amber is a full-time working mom who helps Dannie juggle it all. Growing up she saw first-hand how to run a business from her parents who were entrepreneurs. So, when she was pregnant with their third child and Dannie’s mom suggested they share the syrup Dannie had already been making for the kids she jumped in with both feet. Amber helps run the business like she does her family, with compassion, commitment, and fun.

Daddy's oldest

The oldest and big sister of the bunch is also the artist behind the labels. You see, Daddy’s Homemade syrup is a family affair. So, when the oldest wanted to lend a hand, the family honed in on her creativity and love of art as she hand drew the labels when they first started. She has now seen her inspiration turn into a business brand that will carry the family legacy for years to come.

Daddy's middle

Passionate, outgoing, and photogenetic, the middle child loves going to Daddy’s Homemade Syrup events. She’ll greet you with a smile, give you her opinion on her favorite flavors, and pose for a picture. She is also super helpful, loves projects and lending mom a hand around the house while daddy’s cooking up the next batch of syrup.

Daddy's youngest

Right when the syrup business began to grow, our youngest and only son came into this world. He’s all boy who loves to throw, catch, run, and keep up with his big sisters. And when it comes to the family business, some say he might have syrup running through is veins….he’s quick to help and even quicker to taste test as we chart the growth of the business with him.